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released January 8, 2016

All songs written and performed by Living Together. Mixed and mastered by Jake Burchfield. Drums recorded by Will Foley. Artwork by Emily Adcock. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Living Together Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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Track Name: Twenty Seven
Is this the part where you know how it's supposed to go? Well twenty-seven is not what I thought it would be at all. I'm still sorry more, just like I was before. And though I'm drinking more or less the same as I always did, the hangovers hurt worse in the morning.

Come back alive. It's just the same old story of a selfish guy. Why do I even try? It feels better giving up.

I can hear you listening through the walls, hoping for someone to notice you've got it all wrong. It's a miracle you're not dead, and I'd still do anything you want if we weren't all choking on our own fucking apathy. Take a walk along a bridge and hope you don't jump in.

I'm trying to make some fucking sense out of all this. I feel like fucking Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, doing the same stupid shit since 2003. I don't mean anything by anything I say, but if I were a tower and you were an airplane I'd watch it all crumble away. Is this the part where you know how it's supposed to go?
Track Name: Riot
There are streetlights right outside my bedroom window. I can hear you laughing at me. I wonder if it's all the same, a sickness and a melody. I wonder if you hear anything.

I'm fine, I swear it. In the morning, we won't look back or bury it. I wonder if it's just a dream, or if it's really happening. I wonder if you feel anything like me.

We could start a riot. Come on love, you're holding back. Everything you know is coming up to haunt you back.
Track Name: Wolves
Something tells me I'm wrong this time. Something got caught in my teeth when I said I'm not the man that I thought I was supposed to be. We were the wolves of the Pine Belt, but something got lost in translation from living and hell. It's all the same to me. I don't really want to know at all.

Here I go again losing all my friends. Something tells me I'm right this time, maybe when I ripped the calm from your bones. I'm waiting for the ball to drop. I'm busy shooting myself in the feet. I didn't think it'd be quite so easy. I don't really want to know at all.

I swear I'm fine waking up in the morning light. We could die like this.

I don't think we'll ever know everything about everything there is, and I swear I'm fine with that.
Track Name: All I Wanted
I know you don't know me but you should've warned me about all the things that I'd say. I keep writing you letters, you're glad I'm feeling better but "better" isn't a reason to stay awake.

My horoscope said you'd respond to my happiness. God why do I read that fucking thing? It just makes me depressed, like I need any help with that. I think I'm doing okay.

All that you needed was someone to stay in your room. All that I wanted was you. All that you needed was someone to stay within reach. All I wanted was sleep. All that you needed was someone to tell you the truth. All I wanted was -

Anxiety's a crippler if you let it be. Depression's only worse if you can see everything. Put it all together, what kind of hell does that make. You mean everything.
Track Name: If We Are a Body
We've all seen death. We've all seen hallowed ground. We've all seen everything that they were never around for. We've got blood on our hands. We've all spilled blood from our mouths just to stand in the blood on the ground. We've made our beds.

If we're all dead, we don't have much to live through. If we're all dead, then we're living inside a glass house. Could you make up your mind? Is it an arm, a leg, or my eyes that's got your head in the clouds and your shoulders around what's left of yourself? If we're a body -

Won't you call it off? Suffer on your own. Call it off. I know you won't.